Working Smart

How it all began

Just Do IT!

So back in 2001,after much deliberation of falling out with my BOSSes…(achieving 35% margin in sales, NO bonus, commission short changed! little napoleons in the many to describe actually…) i decided to embark on this arduous journey to join a group of enthusiastic  technical engineers  to venture into business. OMG! The rest was history and by the way, i do have contact with them till to date….whatsapp only. A special thanks to Alan, Terry, Danny, Darrel & Kwang Yu for having gone through the ups and downs of doing this business. Sometimes i wished i could turn back the clock. It reminds me of Johnny Hates Jazz – Turn back the clock

Anyway……life moves on when you out grow from the sweetness of this tribulation. Partners & family members gets entangled with you when you do your own business…. expectations, family obligations, clients expectations, work culture, MONEY$$$ and many more….

Moral of the story, doing business in Malaysia is not as simple as you think. You need to have connections, expertise in your field, $capital$, and lastly perseverance and patience. Not to forget……culture, religion and race plays a dominant role too.  A few bright ideas of YOURS  for now will not work if you want to start a business because there are too many failed businesses out there because of a bright idea! People steal IDEAS!!! So do not simply pitch your ideas to any organizations, go look for a mentor and get help, better than be eaten alive by SHARKS masquerading as blah blah….venture capitalists!

So why do business?

1) It makes you focus on being good at what you do. Makes you feel like BOSS, CEO, MD… whatever you want people to call you.

2) It allows you to communicate better to your precious customers, staff and suppliers about what you’re trying to do.

So here are my tips before you start a business:

1. Start with one thing and do it really well.

2. Work out the question you’re trying to answer.

3. Don’t be afraid of admitting to yourself that you’re wrong.

4. Listen to your gut. (Can you go hungry for a month?)

5. Ask yourself why? IF unsure…read this article again

6. Does it pass the Mum test? I think WIFE will be better.


Good luck