SER Doxis4

Doxis4 content services platform

For all information, business processes & collaboration scenarios

Flexible combination of services for all kinds of applications

The entire Doxis4 platform is constantly being updated & further developed

The Doxis4 platform unites:

Content & processes

Unified ECM, BPM & collaboration — no separate systems that are integrated via middleware in a complex way.

Cloud & on-premises

Maximum deployment flexibility with a unified release strategy & code basis.

Transactional & collaborative workflows

Connects document management & collaboration with ad hoc & structured workflows in one system.

Content from all sources

Discovers & manages information; analyzes content regardless of where it’s stored.

Content analytics & context

Content analytics combined with the business context, not with separate data lakes & information islands.

Usability & user experience

Uniform way of working, consistent processes & satisfied users; an uninterrupted user experience.

Agile Doxis4 architecture

The Lego approach to information management: The cornerstones of the content services platform Doxis4 are content, process & cognitive services with uniform core services that are freely combinable and form one consistent foundation for all solutions based on Doxis4.

Software architecture of the Doxis4 Content Services Platform

The core attributes of Doxis4

Context based »Utilizing metadata and links, Doxis4 puts information into the right business context — no matter where it is stored. Users can create completely individual views of their company’s information pool.Universal »Doxis4 offers freely combinable content, process and cognitive services that empower your company to run a wide range of applications and solutions on one universal and fully scalable digitalization platform.Intelligent »At the core of Doxis4 Cognitive Services is artificial intelligence (AI) which automatically analyzes, classifies, extracts and proactively provides information, and much more.

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Doxis4 is the right solution for you!

From large family businesses to international corporations and organizations: The content services platform Doxis4 for ECM, BPM & collaboration is ready for use anywhere. Find out why Doxis4 is the right fit for your company.READ NOW

Benefits of the Doxis4 architecture

The innovative technology of the content services platform Doxis4 offers you many advantages in daily business, e.g.:

Search without wasting any time

Doxis4 manages content and metadata separately, which has many advantages. Users notice this, for example, when search results are provided already within seconds or when they have to search through huge documents pools.

One platform for all applications

Documents, files and processes can be freely combined and linked. This high level of flexibility makes it possible to follow a comprehensive platform approach that also fulfills individual department requirements and other demands.

Eliminate information silos

Users have direct access to all information — regardless if your strategy is to successively consolidate all content in one system or if you want a mixture of enterprise search, federated content & consolidation.

Design once, roll out anywhere

Doxis4 offers a convenient low-code development environment. You only need to configure once: for Doxis4 clients, Doxis4 add-ins (e.g. MicrosoftSAP & Salesforce), your individual clients and for websites/portals.Build on Doxis4

Discover Doxis4!

The content services platform components form the foundation for your solutions: Digital files put your documents in their business context, automated workflows run company-wide, and DMS ensures transparent document work. Doxis4 is the foundation for your company-wide digitalization!

The Doxis4 architecture: Technical highlights

  • Freely combinable content, process & cognitive services
  • Uniform core services for all applications
  • Metadata model without limits & managed separately from content
  • Diverse interfaces & connectors (incl. REST, SOAP, CMIS)
  • Integrated enterprise search & content federation
  • Full scalability & high availability
  • Complete Unicode & 64-bit capability
  • Available in 12 languages
  • One technology — cloud, on-premises & hybrid
  • Multi-platform support: operating systems, databases, storage